Morocco, Souk

Basket Buying

October 9, 2016

Coffee & Spice

I am addicted to basket buying – I literally cannot resist, which is a challenge given my job which takes me to the medina and souks every week! Also two of my favourite restaurants are on the Place Des Epices, the ancient spice market which also has one of the biggest markets of baskets. Everything from breadbaskets to beach bags and shoppers, there are so many brightly coloured and cheap but chic treats.  Our friend Kamal is the owner of both the Café Des Epices and Nomad which both have great views over the square and its treasure filled markets. I’m wearing my favourite gandoura dress by local designer Norya Ayron. Norya has named this design the ‘Rosena’ dress after me – love it even more now!

“Kamal Laftimi is one of our favourite people in Marrakech. The entrepreneur behind the Cafe des Epices and our favourite lunch spot, Nomad, is always travelling and bringing great ideas for food and decor back with him“

Café – Café Des Epices

Photography – Saad Alami

Dress – Norya Ayron